Between the Line


Song taken from the 6-track EP Press Rewind to Begin

Featuring Raldo

I gotta strike a balance
Make some noise – deafen the silence
Step outside the box – without resorting to violence
They might label me a tyrant when I go against the grain
The way I grow walk and talk is just not the same
As the status quo
I’m contradictory to what they know
My existence is the living testament the show
And proof that will debunk the spoof
That there is only one way that you can get to the roof
They try to box me in
(Cut me off)
Limit my oxygen
Lots of men would rather mix and blend
Than fix the trend
In order to transcend
But since I can’t pretend
Or lie to myself
I stay true to keep a high spiritual health
That’s self preservation
But still I want to bloom and blossom without reservation

I’m between the line
What they say is not what I want
But I’m always on time
They want to see me stop but I won’t
My life, my love, my passion is rhyme
My God, my Queen, my music makes me shine
Morning, daytime, night, and every time
They must over-stand that rhyme is on my mind

So apparently I won’t succeed
And you happen to have the notes I need
To proceed
In my life
Indeed I’m your brother or seed
And since you figured out the key you might as well take the lead
I ain’t singing that song
Those ain’t my lyrics, I ain’t singing along
It’s like a hit from the bong
What the hell you been smoking?!
Are you serious?
Or are you joking?
The fact is that
Through this struggle I’m coping
To constructive criticism I’m open
But not to cynicism
Why don’t you shut up and listen
I’ve been off and on this mission
Way before you started dissing
I’m fully focused man
Giving up is a bogus plan
I know this man
Under my skin
The soul from within
And if you wanna know
Press rewind to begin


[RW] I know you Raldo and what you say is true
But this pressure that we are going though
They don’t have a clue
[RALDO] Survival in the system is not easy my friend
Inna England, inna Africa, or inna Switzerland
The system a fight we but music is our plan
Yes, music is our land, and on it we gonna stand
[RW] That’s right
We stand firm
On our two feet
Bad mind we defeat
Create sound when we meet