Song taken from the All Good EP

Let me knock him out

Right jab
Left, left, duck
Feather weight MC’s get plucked
Cause when they rumble in my jungle the season’s duck
I’m hungry like I’m poverty stricken
So I can move from eating mics to eating dames on the weekend
This here is uncut
Raw base
Cooked in the kitchen
That raw taste
Bare knuckles to face
So listen
I represent a coalition
Of rap niggas who move with a warriors ambition
And are distinguished for the art of hit
And never miss
So when we war
Opposition vacate the premisses
We take over their position
Rook to king
We take control of their munition
Then pursue our mission
Straight cutting out the fake
With surgical precision
So don’t sleep stay awake

Some MCs come and MCs go
But yo
The fellas love it when this MC flows
Everybody knows a lot of rappers front
They pose
So I put 100% into each one of my shows
Some MCs come and MCs go
But yo
The ladies love it when this MC flows
Everybody knows a lot of rappers front
They pose
So I put 100% into each one of my shows

Take my word for it
Or ask about me
So nice on mics your lady offered me the house key
I know you doubting me like
“That ain’t likely”
But ask her, I’m a gentleman
I declined her politely
I got respect for the next mans girl
But if the next man ain’t got respect for me
That’s a different scenario all together
I make your wife double back on her vowels for ever ever
Skate to that chick who act so stush
And be like “bitch, you’re a waste of my time!”
Then kick-push
You know them out of line snub nose hoes
Who ain’t even worth a rhyme, sonnet or prose
As far as respect goes I leave it at that
I respect those who breathe it right back
Or show it
I’m a poet so emotion is my second name
My love and devotion resurrect the game


That’s how I stay on top of things
Maintain my balance till the fat lady sings
Dance around opponents like Ali in a ring
Shadow boxing to stay tougher than oxen skin

Peep the way I tango
Mic commando
Black like Bojangles
Speak the anglo-saxon when I handle
Mics with a twist of rhythm that’s at an angle
Don’t hang with the fake
I watch them dangle
I got flow
Hear me do-si-do and limbo
Until I touch the floor
Check it I groove like it’s ’64
In a negro disco
With an ego and big afro
It’s R-double O
You know the rest
Rap to me is child’s play
So lyrically I molest
I take advantage over beats
While managing to beat the weak
All challengers will meet defeat
With damages that leave them bleak
So fall back player
You’re barking up the wrong tree and walking down the wrong street
And this cat reacts wild and strikes back
Undomesticated when he waltz on the track
You see


I don’t know how else to say it
Gaining respect from niggas
While even the girls play it