Get Up


Song taken from the All Good EP

Featuring Larynx & Keumart

[RW]I woke up early morning in a good mood
Smile shining off my face like a good dude
My copper brown skin reflecting sunlight from the window
Freshly squeezed O.J eject the hight of the indo
Exercise? Fuck that
No need to work on my charm
I’ll hit the club and lift a few drinks to work on my arm
But that’s for later
The alpha – beta
When she’ programmed to pass the data
So I can date her, mate her
But I’m in no lustful mind
I’m in no fuss with time
I’m in no rush I’m fine
Chilling like a villain in my rap cave
Still ready for an MC to act brave
Already shaved like a boss
I’ll never slave once in my life at any cost
I aim high just to reach the top
Move like I don’t understand the meaning of stop
Until I drop

I make you wanna
Get up – Get up
Clap your hands
Run a muck and do away with your plans
And not give a
Get up
I’m ’bout it ’bout it
No doubt about it
Go see my click you can ask ’em about it
I make ya
Get up
When you hear the bass line pump
From the speaker in the front
Or the bottom of the trunk
You just
(Get the fuck up)
And let loose
Don’t worry ’bout nothing just get loose

[LARYNX]Spark a blunt and sit back while I spit crack
Over this sick track
Drop jewels and give back
To my community
Rip tracks brutally
Sip Jack usually
Groupies, nothing new to me
Done it since a teen
Running with my team
Gunning for my dreams
Having fun with your queen
While you at work
Killing every rap verse
Till gats burst
And I’m put in a black hurst
Put my heart in every sentence
Commit minor offenses
Never violence that’s senseless
For this paper I’m relentless
Never giving up
Till my crew lives it up
What, uh
That’s how it’s supposed to be
Explicit poetry
When I spit it you know it’s me
Strictly business
I don’t get involved socially
Chicks get excited by what I do vocally
I collaborate with great minds
Bring heat like what thugs keep in their waistline
Escaping crimes by creating rhymes
Raised in the west with an African state of mind