I Love This Game


Song taken from the All Good EP

It was all a dream
I used to love to read The Source magazine
J-Lo and Puff Daddy in the limousine
Wu-Tang posters on my wall
Every saturday, Yo! MTV Raps and all
I let the cd flip till the cd skip
Before the cash and shit
Before the liquor sips
Way back
Before I used to cut class and all that
Before I even figured that I could rap
Remember Naughty By Nature? “Hip-Hop Hooray”
Still takes me back to ’94 when I hear it today
I guess that’s why I rhyme right and I rhyme tight
Cause I grew up listening to dope MC’s on the mic
Now “it’s time to get paid
Blow up like the world trade”
End quote
We were on the same page
I’m growing up like I thought I would
Check my status on the social network
“It’s all good”

Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop
I love this game and I was born to do it
Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop
Take it to the top never gon’ stop
Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop
I love this game and I was born to do it
Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop
Take it to the top never gon’ stop

I guess they got it twisted
Trying to rhyme and bust
Too many playa hating niggas
I don’t know who to trust
They say they know how to hop
But I don’t think that they flowing
Get to knowing
To the bottom of the charts they are going
Are you still down to rap ?
Cut that crap when you see me
Don’t play, unless you really really got something to say
I know a caravan of rappers who are ready to rise
Stepping on weak motherfuckers when we passing ’em by
Until I die
(I’m right here)
I live the life of an MC
Cause even when I’m hig
hI grab the mic and I MC
Kleenex fresh and soap bar clean
Blow trees in excess and spit codeine
Major cash and bling
So in an economic crisis
I don’t stash a thing
Chicks follow me like a dream
I hit it then I’m ghost seen
Back to my villa serene


I feel it in my gut
It ain’t a question of luck
Practice makes perfect
That’s the reason why you suck and I don’t
You wanna see me duck and cut but I won’t
I’m medicated off the cure like everyday
Dedicated, here to stay
Let’s go
All I want is to play
Reprezent from basements to rooftops
House tenements, estates, blocks
Until I’m gone
Say what’s what’s on my mind
While I travel in-between the line
Press rewind to begin
I patch raps to beats like velcro/duck-tape
Stick real even when I pump fake
I get it in
Slick skill on the track
Is that your chick ?
Quick – you need a pill to hold that baby back
Lyrical magnet
Even haters getting caught up in the dragnet
If you put your money on my opponent that is a bad bet
I’m number one
That’s how I’m holding it down under the sun