I’m Gone (Back in a Minute)


Song taken from the 6-track EP Press Rewind to Begin

Featuring LaMeduza

[Verse 1]
Ay yo I’m leaving
But I wish not for long
Until we re-embrace I’ll be singing this same song
My love for you ain’t lower case
I express it in pure form
My heart beats with the base and on record it sounds strong
Try to remember this
When I perform
You bring the confidence I need to flip it out of the norm
When I’m on tour or out on my own
Or out of my home
All that is negative stays out of my zone
Check it I’m gone
But spiritually I ain’t alone
That’s what I am trying to express through this microphone
See I might roam
I might be a rolling stone
But I’ll be back with my hat if my head ain’t blown
The events of my future for certain stay unknown
So it’s on to the death of me you’re tagging along
Be it, in a dream or memory form
I’ll have you running though my head like the lyrics to this song
I’m gone

But I’ll be back in a minute
I’m gone right now girl
But I’ll be back in a minute
You know I stayed true from the start to the finish
I’m gone right now boo but I’ll be back in a minute

I’m leaving
But don’t you dare weep
Grief is not a sentiment you take to your sleep
I mean
Think about it
What we had was real sweet
Even thought the relationship only lasted one week
And uhh
Honestly you cannot say that was deep
Though the sexual heights might have reached a peak
Don’t be weak
I’m out the sheets
On my two feet walking
I’m gone
And ain’t got time to be correcting whats wrong
See I’m nomadic
Unless you are moving with me
It’s problematic
And I let it be known
So I’m never the cause of static
Yes the world is my home
And I travel by force of habit
I can leave here alone
And nah my actions ain’t erratic
They stay on par
I’m far from a radical man
My systematics mathematically planned
So when I
Jotted this down
I was on my own
And you were all alone
Way before I finished this song
Check it
I’m gone