Hey ! I’m so excited to share this with you : I will be touring the Southern African Region (Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland) with my live band The Block Notes from May 17 to May 29, performing my brand new show for the first time !
This will be a very special tour for me as I have never performed my music in Africa since I began to rap in 1999. Can’t wait !





“Layer Cake” feat. Dubmatix • NEW VIDEO

My brand new video “Layer Cake” is out now!
Beat composed, mixed and mastered by Dubmatix
Video directed by Frederico Lopes and Raphael Piguet

Song taken from my EP Inappropriate Behaviour
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Inappropriate Behaviour • Available October 28

My new EP Inappropriate Behaviour will be out October 28!

In the purest spirit of Hip Hop, I hit up several beatmakers (Dubmatix, Monsieur F, GR! & Hook, Tismé, Cello Prod) who each have their own unique sound and universe, along with some special artists to lay their vocals on my new songs: Muthoni The Drummer Queen (Kenya), Blitz The Ambassador (Ghana/USA), ChaCha (China), Larynx (Ghana/UK) and Dubmatix (Canada).

Get your copy!

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Label Suisse Festival – Main Stage – September 17

I will perform with The Block Notes at Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne September 17 at 8 PM on the main stage (Place Centrale) ! I’m rehearsing hard with the band to make it special, see ya there !
Find all details here : Label Suisse Festival

Peru Tour, what a blast !

Wow !! It all happened so quick !! I still can’t believe we had such a magnificent chance to experience a new country and meet new people half way around the world !!
On behalf of the crew, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to :
• Juliette, Chloé and all Festival Selvámonos crew
• Victoria, Nicolas and all Estilo Libre crew
• Jaime and all Lima Sound System crew
• Nils, Alan and all HELP! Retro Bar crew
As well as Robert, Edinho, Jorge, Judy & family, Philipp, Kris, Pro Helvetia, Fondation SIS, The Block Productions, Kinyama sounds
Thank you so much for making another dream of ours come true, for believing and trusting in us !! The fun time and memories we have will stay with us forever. In the meantime, we cannot wait to see you again !! Much love & Respect

Check out the photos here.

“My Identity” feat. Larynx (New Song)

I am an American citizen of Zambian origin, and even though I do not live there at the moment, it is only natural that I remain concerned about what goes on in the “land of the free, home of the brave”. My Ghanaian brother in rhyme Larynx lived in New York. We both lived in Switzerland and London together, and so we have a broad understanding of our true identity. Our African parents instilled in us a strong sense of pride concerning who we are, and where we are from. We are therefore capable of seeing the lack of “knowledge of self” which plagues our brothers and sisters in foreign lands, and we are conscious of the consequences that this has on our community.

On a classic Hip Hop beat by GR! & F (Sparring Partners), this song depicts the unfair world of violence, robbery, police brutality, abuse, lawlessness and hypocrisy that we face as Africans who are not at home.

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My Identity” is taken from the new EP Inappropriate Behaviour

“Your Kingdom” feat. ChaCha (New Song)

Life on earth sometimes feels like a long drawn out process leading to the grave. We wake up, eat, work, eat, work, play, eat, sleep – and then do it all again. At every stage, it often feels like it is never enough. We question ourselves and the purpose of our lives, we look to the sky, and look all around us without ever finding a satisfactory answer. If I was living life for myself, I don’t think it would be this hard. But since no man is an island, and we as the human race depend on one another – we all have to contribute to society. But then again, how much does society contribute to me? It is a never-ending cycle.

As an artist, I am particularly sensitive to the negative effects the system has on my creativity. I decided to work with ChaCha on this song because she herself is a sensitive woman, in tune with the electromagnetic waves of this world of ours. She expresses the same wonder, grief and awe I felt when hearing this instrumental by CelloProd inspired by a sample from Bonobo, who (incidentally) appreciates the song.

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Your Kingdom” is taken from the new EP Inappropriate Behaviour

“Voodoo” feat. Blitz The Ambassador

No, I am not paranoid. The looks, the stares, the insults, the negative reactions, the rudeness, the ignoring, the laughing, the spitting, the pushing … all this is real. It happens on a regular basis, all year round when you look like me. It has been this way since the very beginning of my life.

My mother told me that once when I was around three years old in the states, she picked me up from nursery school, and I was crying. She asked me why, and I told her that my “friend” said he cannot play with me because I am black.

Fast-forward to 2016 and I still see posters telling me to “go back to where you came from”. No matter where I go, it is always the same issue, the same problem. This leads me to believe that I am cursed, and that there are forces that are “taking us under” like Blitz The Ambassador accurately points out on this hypnotic Tismé instrumental, while further elaborating on our plight as a people around the world.
Whatever the case, my eyes are open, and from a long time ago I have been aware of what goes on around me.

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“Voodoo” is taken from the new EP Inappropriate Behaviour


It is difficult to let go and forget those relationships that leave a huge impact on your life. The kind that changes the way you see, think and do things – forever. Sometimes they can be short affairs, but in my case, it was a long-term thing (over 10 years). This song is about her, and I wrote it when I was deeply in love.

Some of you might only have known me when I was with her, whilst others may have never seen us together. I guess you can say I learned the hard way that she is in fact irreplaceable, and that (in hindsight) she never did me harm. However, when considering those nearest to me, I have had to accept that I will never be able to fulfill the space she demands in my life.

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“Move” is taken from the new EP Inappropriate Behaviour

“Move” feat. Muthoni The Drummer Queen

One of the biggest things that bothers me about rappers is how they can be so fake. Every other song is about selling drugs, guns, killing, pimping, money, cars, hoes and so on. I know it has been like this for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that I have to accept it!

So, I wrote the song “Move” with the deliberate intention to surprise my audience. I chose a trap-like instrumental composed by GR! & Hook from Switzerland, then laced it with lyrics and flows that (ironically) condemn such behaviour.

Finally, to put the cherry on top of the cake, I invited a real African-female-international-hustler called Muthoni The Drummer Queen, to show you what’s really good. This is how Hip Hop is supposed to sound!

Watch the video on Dailymotion

Download this song on Soundcloud

“Move” is taken from the new EP Inappropriate Behaviour