Song taken from the 6-track EP Press Rewind to Begin

I won’t tarnish
I’m on display with a varnish touch
A Grade
What I bring is top notch material
Music is the code
And bars depict the serial
Unique like a grain of cereal
Or sand
Or hair strand
Stand imperial
Amongst the heard
Chirp birds that will perch on my shoulder when I chops the herb
All I got’s my word
To which I stay true
Despite all the things I might say or do
I rotate through the circle of life like rings of Saturn
Sporadically erratic when I follow a pattern
My whole style is a marvel like the Green Lantern
I speak the truth and show you dreams can turn
To reality
The full proof living actuality
No fantasy when I bring it from planet C

I’m not a fan of politics and governments
Corrupt covenants
I represent peace ladies and gents
In a world that is masked by a pretense of anger and hate
I establish connection and correlate

I move with plans to dominate
All the while I musically dictate what I create
Assembling troops
Maintaining the truce
But forever ready for war like a soldier in boots
Bring it on
Serengeti rap flow
Wild like a yeti on crack yo
Picture that
They say Rootwords is illusive
I’ll even put some money on it
You can’t catch that cat
You can’t see him
High class
Like a top class BM
He stay fresh from AM to PM
No stress
Confess that you just believe him
Or should I say in him
Cause through him inspiration spring
I got a nice balance when I do my own thing
Cause I understand that everything that’s gold don’t bling


Live and direct
Internationally broadcast I connect
To mesh and build bridges
Over vast landscapes
Past dimensions of the flesh
I escape
To explore the outer limits and stretch
Beyond what the eyes can see
Examining the vortex of reality
Representing humanity
Practicing the humanities
Advocating equalities for equal rights
Playing life like a movie
Watch the sequel twice
Through the demise of the music I arise
Resurrecting like the ghost of Christ
No smoke screen
You know what I mean?
No lies
I represent the sunshine behind the gray skies
Rhyme motion
This is the sound of the wind blowing on the ocean
The embodiment of peace love and respect
In full effect when you hear the music


When I cross over boarders
Over waters
Land seas and lakes
I move with a catalog of season tapes
I’m re-reading history to uncover the mystery
I read his story of guns and glory to find out what happened to my story