Say It


Song taken from the 6-track EP Press Rewind to Begin

[Verse 1]
I can see its on the tip of your tongue
Why don’t you just come out with it 
I know you got the breath in your lungs 
To speak
So why the fuss?
I thought no issue was too deep for us to discuss
I promise not to take it as a cuss
Just blurt it out
I can feel I’m the cause of hurt and doubt in your life
Just say it
Whats the problem about?
I won’t bite
Tell me whats wrong, so I can put it right
No matter how bad or hard you on me, I won’t fight
I’m all ears
We don’t need a six pack of beers for the truth to come out
Say it – open your mouth
Reveal what you trying to conceal
Lets help this negative blood congeal
Before the wound is too deep to heal
No choking up 
Get it out first
The truth hurts
Just open up 
Let it out burst
So it set you free
You owe no debt to me
I know your love is unconditionally next to me

It goes
I’m doing just fine
Thank you all for asking
But you know them things you hide and keep buried inside
Make it difficult for us to coincide

[Verse 2]
This is just a little push
Don’t beat around the bush no more
Stop wasting my time this is your call
To set the record straight
To lay it all out on the table
For a debate
Before it’s too late
I’m just 
Trying to create common ground
So we can stay in tune like harmonious sound
I’m only astounded at the fact that the cat got your tongue
I mean you are grown but you act like the young 
Common speak
Silence is for the oppressed weak
Who would rather stay enslaved than rise to the peak
Use your powers of speech
To enlighten and breach 
The chains
So you can drift free on the high plains
Think of the bird cry
Think of the bird fly
You need to start thinking with your third eye
And take the cork out your mouth
To express your thought
And this doubt that I’m talking about


[Verse 3]
“There ain’t shit in Roswell 51”
“It’s Oswald who shot the gun”
They say
“Hussein got a weapon that can lick off
Between 45 and a second”
They say
“Better believe whats on the telly
We don’t doctor shit”
That’s when I think of Doctor Kelly
They say
Water-board – “repeat what I say!”
“If not, the next stop is Guantanamo bay”
Sometimes I can’t believe the world in which I exist
That’s why I be like “Fuck the Sys”
Like I’ll slit my writs
But I can’t cause life’s a gift
I just recline and light the spliff
Not to escape
But to meditate
And channel my chi
With those around me
On the same frequency
To avoid delinquency 
And only run to come save
You get me??