She Had Me


Song taken from the 3-track EP What They Want

[Verse 1]
From the first time we met 
I was obsessed
Saw You in that hot dress
Fantasized about you topless
But it wasn’t just the sex
Your personality was perfect
So we matched 
Soon I became attached 
Detached from reality
Didn’t listen to my friends and family 
Yo, my personality changed 
But in my brain I was still the same
What a shame
Felt like such a lame when I found out
You were playing games and had a secret agenda
All you wanted was for my heart to surrender
And distance me from my friends and family members
Yo, so you can have me for yourself
And take me for my wealth and everything else I possessed
That’s what you did then you left
Now I got to live with regret 
And pay the ultimate price for ignoring advice
But that’s life

She had me 
Loosing my mind calling her all the time
She had me
In a zone in a world of her own
She was in 
Control of my mind body and soul
Until the relationship started taking its toll (x2)
(You know)

[Verse 2]
She feigned to have the best intention
Claimed that her touch was a remedy for tension
She tamed my heart
And made the pain depart
Did all of that in an amazing start
To pick apart everything that I worked for
[The] Hunny used to say “It’s only I you should hurt for”
And nobody else
I had no reason to feel otherwise
Obviously she trusted me not to be like them other guys
So I played right into her hands
Ignoring all the signs and noise from the stands
Moving me far away from my fans
Must have been of high priority in her plans
One day I woke up feeling alone
We shared a space but it was like living alone
Absurd right?
I guess I should have known
When she said gimme your email password and phone