The Block Notes

The Block Notes is my live band, who I have been playing with for over three years at various venues and festivals. They are an eclectic band of experienced musicians who all appreciate a good understanding of the Hip Hop culture I represent. Their influences include Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Classic, Dub, Electro and Hip Hop. The fusion of these styles into our live set creates a fresh sonorous experience which is adapted to appeal to a wide range of individuals from different walks of life. Each performance with the band is one that is both exciting and unique. There is nothing ordinary about the Block Notes, as every note, style and sound is one that is completely formatted to match and merge with my rhymes and message.

Photo: ©StephanieGerlier

Precise, powerful, heavy and talented are words which best describe Benjamin Riggi. Emerging from the school of rock with nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Benjamin is a vital element in the group. His confidence and accuracy on stage provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of the musicians to lean on. His unique interpretation of my music creates a very fresh, dynamic and energetic live experience. Similar to the complexity of a Formula 1 race car or the force of a train on tracks, or even the pattern of an MPC, he is the human drum machine.

Photo: ©OnTheRoots

Stan Breynaert is a crucial element in the formation of the Block Notes. He is the reference point of all musicians on the stage. Of course, this is due to the fact that the bass, along with the drums, are the two instruments which make up a basic Hip Hop beat, but also because he is responsible for placing the pre-arranged sample loops that you hear in songs we play live on stage. This requires precision and concentration, which Stan executes perfectly with style, while still fretting that organic deep groove from his bass guitar.

Photo: ©ClaudeLaffely

A master of his art, a leader by name, Julien Boss is in control of his destiny. From compositions in the studio, to performance on stage, his knowledge and skill are perfectly executed with each touch of the ivory and ebony keys. Fearlessly determined, Julien graces the music scene with only the best combination of sonorities from his classically modern instruments of choice, taking you on melodic journeys far beyond the outskirts of your imagination. But like every boss, this virtuoso has rules that are bound to keep your rhythm in check.

Photo: ©Niko

Nicolas Duboux – the sound engineer – is the ever present, seldom seen, all seeing eye and ear of the Block Notes. He is responsible for the final output of what all musicians project to the audience from the stage. His experience and presence guarantees the best sound projection that can be managed from the provided equipment available at the live venue.