What You Want


Song taken from the 3-track EP What They Want

[Verse 1]
Hey yo I brag in my raps
Swag over tracks
Bag hood rats 
And model chicks
Pop bottles with my click
Handle beef on a street tip
That’s how I keep it
It’s no secret
That I don’t thug it
But I still keep it rugged
The chicks love it
Can’t get enough of it
So I give em more like Britney
Walk in the club with a bunch of chicks with me
And they all tipsy
Dressed skimpy
I get it in like 50

Black three stripe top 10 sneaks
I takes my time with it like I got 10 weeks
So fresh the rhyme limit is about 10 peaks
I’m less than fine with it when the hit record leaks
Yo yo, I got too much flow
Watch me break it down 
To get too much doe
I’m too much fo’
The average cat
10 out of 10 even when I spit the average rap

We don’t lyrically front or pull publicity stunts
We just deliver hits like a knock out punch
So grab yourself a drink
And roll up a blunt
Get high or get drunk while we give you what you want

[Verse 2]
Black skeleton bone glove
Attract the bird thats a mix of a crow and dove
Trust, I ain’t a womanizer 
I got nothing but love
For my mom and sis and respect all the above
So hush
Don’t try to put me in a box
Since I’m single I can do my thing to knock her out her socks
I gots the right to swing
Like bada boom badda bing
So if she black italiano I respond with shawing!

Hey yo I make melodic hits
Get with exotic chicks
Demolish clicks
A-stout’s the name
Acknowledge it
Yea yea, cause we the best out
The industry’s sleeping
So we stressed out
Trying to figure out 
The best route 
To make it in this biz
Check it my nig
We do this for the kids
Rap what we live
Through our tracks we give back
Give me any beat and I’ll rip that


[Verse 3]
Hey yo my flow is riptide
I’m a quiet dude but I don’t let shit slide
So don’t disrespect 
Or hit the deck
When I hit your set
I got intellect
Trying to get a check off the internet
By creating a buzz 
We do this for the love
Like no one else does
So critics can’t knock it
The album is done
And when we drop it our careers will sky rock it
Finally get some money in my pocket

I had the heart to come through 
With ignoramus part two
And the critics like “Rootwords a fool”
I’m like – that’s cool
If that’s what you think
Opinions are assholes
Everybody knows they stink
In my first single I bought you a drink
And you coughed it back
Like I spiked it with zinc
Now that’s rude
It’s kind of like if I had a date with your lady mate in the nude